His hairdo's out of style.

What took Shean so long?

He's desperate.

His courage was celebrated in all the newspapers.

His suit was gray and his tie was yellow.


His hair is black in color and long.

When I was in New York, I visited Brooklyn.

She and I usually agree.

At this rate, we're not likely to be done before the end of the week.

Next time I see you, please give me your answer.


Axel is starting to lose hope.

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He lives in a posh apartment near Central Park.


You were young.


I have three grown sons.

We'll need Nadeem's help.

You don't look like your dad.

He carried her bag.

When do you give your speech?

What did Rathnakumar give you for your birthday?

Mat started as a janitor, but he's now the president of the company.

They put on makeup every morning.

You promised you'd stay.

You better not open your mouth.

Don't worry! Even if I drink, it doesn't have an effect on my driving.

When you're reading an English book, it isn't a great idea to look up every word you don't know.

Did you buy anything for her?

That won't happen, certainly not.

He doesn't know the truth yet.

Pete is a great first baseman.

Andreas knows Del and John are no longer together.

I don't believe that he's telling the truth.

She is going to have to choose either the green or the red.

Tracey walked as fast as he could to catch up with Edmund.

He won't be able to come anymore due to his obligations.

What a beautiful view!

Can you hold on a second?

In your opinion, what does good nutrition look like?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

The teacher writes on the board.

Plastic knows how to play the guitar.


I'm waiting for my turn.

Who tried to kill us?

That's hardly a new concept.


Jay and John began to fight.

I don't want Allan to come to our party.

I might look at flights again soon after a shower, if I don't fall asleep.

Jakob bought Helen something.

I was feeling blue.

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The children are playing with toys.

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Vick has been cooperating.


He found the door locked.

Rees held out his empty glass and Victor filled it with orange juice.

I wonder if Valentin ever gives Carlo flowers.

These don't match.

I have a lot of friends with whom to consult.

If it were not for exams, we would be happy.

Could you give Terrance a minute?

Would you mind if I ask you a question?

Are they ready to talk?

This house will let easily.

After Maurice had filled in his genealogical pedigree chart with the information he already knew, the remaining gaps revealed where he'd need to do some research to complete all his ancestral lines.

I can't even walk, let alone run.

The car drove away.

I'd have been here sooner except for some trouble on the way.

You didn't tell me there was a meeting this morning.

Please let go of my arm.

I'm really sorry to bother you.

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He squeezed her shoulders.

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The family is the most basic unit of society.


Tahsin was holding a glass of whisky in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

What on earth was that?

Marla began to really enjoy jogging after a few days.

Describe a tourist attraction you would like to visit.

What is your favourite colour?

They gave you nothing.

You've all seen the photos, haven't you?

I'm really unlucky.

She waved good-bye to me.

Let's find a way out.

Nancy isn't going to listen.


Can we get help for Harris?

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Floria wrapped the sandwich in plastic.

Lowell mentioned that you'd like to go with us.

Until I entered the university, I had no experience of reading even a single book except comic books.


We can't all be like Kanthan.


I'm not busy now.

We can talk here. No problem.

We're too tired to study.

You must replace it every 4 months.

The meeting will be held annually.

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Celeste was troubled.


I've read the first page.

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The typhoon resulted in a lot of flooding.

She didn't bat an eyelid.

It's really wonderful seeing you again, Momoe.


Violence does not pay, and never will.

Sekar will like me.

We couldn't have picked a better time.

A bear will not touch a corpse.

At a distance, the ship looks like an island.

I wish we could live here.

The entire universe obeys love ; love, love, everything else is nothing.

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I have no idea how he escaped.

He must go there tomorrow.

Are you helping her?

I'm sorry I frightened you.

Bill got up early in order to catch the first train.

Isidore looks real worried.

The soldier saved his friend at the cost of his own life.

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Please buy me this book.

The girl did not like to wash dishes, but she made the best of it.

Cancer can be cured easily if it is found in its first phase.

We must always try to serve others.

I just have to do something.

Adrian's advice was very helpful.

Wes recently converted to Judaism.

Before the ship sank, the radio operator broadcast one final message - SOS!

Can you hold on for a second?

This problem bristles with difficulties both psychological and economical.

Vaporise the solvent from the liquid. What's left is the perfume component and a lump of vegetable wax.

She was furious with her sister.

We could talk about them.

Are you enterprising?

Don't let go of the rope till I tell you.


I have a nodding acquaintance with her.

I hate working after dinner.

Work shall set you free.

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I guess my job is pretty undramatic.

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How can you be sure it'll work?

The very last words she wrote were: "My heart is on fire."

She couldn't attend that party because she was sick.


That doesn't happen.

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We can do so much more.


I could care less.


He told us an interesting story.


Please show this to Ralph.

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My mother gets up early.

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Tommy never puts things back where they belong.


The prisoners were trying to escape.


You cannot smoke in this room.

I go for a walk every morning.

What makes you think I don't like your friends?

Are you from the US?

Another day has begun.


Is hexane toxic?

Do you want to say it or should I?

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?


Tomorrow's going to be a big day.


Here is a magic ball of yarn. In whatever direction this ball rolls, follow without fear.

This is a good newspaper, isn't it?

They want us to cooperate.

Can you give an exact report of what happened?

I don't like to talk about him.

He suffered great losses.

Tammy talked too much.

He wants more sago and agar-agar.

Your lives are in danger if you stay here.

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Rafael threw caution to the wind.

I ran away from the training camp.

I don't believe I'm listening to this.